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Become a distributor and join our mission to promote Kupalin snacks throughout Mexico! If you are an entrepreneur or have a business, you are passionate about healthy eating and you are interested in being part of a growing company, this is your opportunity!

They are already reaping incredible benefits

We have created some special packages for the different needs of our distributors. 

Starter package

$ 761 MNX

  • 8 Nopal Tortillas
  • 5 Natural Crispy Strips 100g
  • 5 Chili Lime Crispy Strips 100g
  • 5 Crunchy Strips Lemon Salt 100g
  • 6 Low Sugar Dehydrated Strips 30g
  • 4 Dehydrated Strips 0% Sugar Added 30g
  • Includes shipping
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Regular Package

$ 1310 MNX

  • 10 Nopal Tortillas
  • 10 Natural Crispy Strips 100g
  • 10 Chili Lime Crispy Strips 100g
  • 10 Crunchy Strips Lemon Salt 100g
  • 10 Low Sugar Dehydrated Strips 30g
  • 10 Dehydrated Strips 0% Added Sugar 30g
  • Includes shipping
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Plus Package

$ 1906 MNX

  • 15 Nopal Tortillas
  • 15 Natural Crispy Strips 100g
  • 15 Chili Lime Crispy Strips 100g
  • 15 Crunchy Lemon Salt Strips 100g
  • 14 Low Sugar Dehydrated Strips 30g
  • 14 Dehydrated Strips 0% Added Sugar 30g
  • Includes shipping
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What are the benefits of distributing Kupalin?

What do I need to become a distributor?

Distributing Kupalin products is very easy, there are only three important points to know:

  • You need to be of legal age.
  • A minimum initial investment of $1600 pesos is required (the initial package includes 100 pieces of assorted products, you can choose which ones except for the 0% sugar strips and bulk products, these require a separate quote).
  • To maintain the benefits granted to our distributors, it is required to make at least one monthly purchase.

What does my initial distributor package include?

When you purchase your Distributor package you will get the following:

  • Box with your selected products.
  • Suggested price list.
  • Access to the platform where you can find the product catalog, digital advertising material, technical data sheets, nutritional information and product certifications.
  • For an additional cost we can include impulse strips or small displays.

What is the profit margin I will get from distributing Kupalin products?

You can earn up to 35% profit

What would be my commitment as a Kupalin distributor?

In order to help you maintain a good product rotation and maintain a long term relationship with our distributors, we are looking for 4 main points:

  • Make a minimum monthly purchase.
  • Keep constantly updated about our products, their benefits and features.
  • Always offer information at your points of sale to customers about the products and their benefits.
  • Post content about the products and tagging the official Kupalin accounts. @kupalin_mx (We provide digital material).

What are the benefits of becoming a distributor?

For us it is important to create a win-win relationship, that is why from our side you will find the following commitments:

  • Maintain special prices for you and all the benefits according to your monthly consumption.
  • Access to webinars, training and informative material to support your sales.
  • Access to support material for your sales.
  • The opportunity to generate extra income by selling a range of delicious and healthy products.
  • We will be publishing your business in our digital channels.

Can I make my purchases on credit?

At the moment we do not have a credit line, all your purchases must be in cash.

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