We know you like to take care of yourself and our handmade nopal tortillas are an excellent option for that. In addition to being delicious, they are healthy, made with a combination of 70% nopal powder and 30% corn flour manufactured with the highest quality standards, under a process that allows us to preserve all the goodness of nopal and corn, in addition to a fresh and soft texture.

Do you know why it is good to consume Kupalin nopal tortillas?

Why is our nopal tortilla not green?


The nopal flour is actually NOT GREEN. This process is given by adding coloring to the dough.

At Kupalin we do not add any ingredient that does not provide nutritional value to our products because we want them to be 100% healthy for you and your family.


We use the best flours


To bring you the best quality in our products, we have created an alliance with Minsa, one of the largest flour producers in the country, winner of the National Agri-Food Award.

Combined with our fresh nopal powder, they allow us to create a soft, resistant and flexible tortilla with an exquisite flavor.