Dehydrated cactus strips

Delicious dehydrated prickly pear cactus strips low in sugar that provide the necessary energy for your day, in addition to preserving all the benefits that prickly pear cactus provides, making it a very healthy snack.

All the goodness of nopal turned into a light and delicious snack.

You can find your strips in two delicious flavors, lemon and enchilosito, they are ideal to complement your daily diet, as they are a perfect snack to enjoy guilt-free between meals.

Why the octagons on the packaging?

New labeling standards in Mexico (NOM-051) define new formulas for evaluating salt, sugar and fat, among others.

According to the American Heart Association we should eat 44 to 78g of fat daily. MedlinePlus recommends a daily sodium intake of 2.3 grams or 1.5 grams for those with high blood pressure. The WHO establishes a generic calculation of 1600 to 2000 calories per day for women and 2000 to 2500 for men.

Although this new formula leads us to put the octagon "Excess Sugars" our product contains only 10g in a 30g package, much lower than other products on the market.

We invite you to read the nutritional declaration to know its nutritional values.